In the wake of recent tragedies like Sandy Hook Shooting, schools around the country are taking action. Shortly after the shocking event, Wayne La Pierre, vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), urged schools to take action by hiring San Jose armed guards and allowing school administrators to carry concealed weapons. While his comments sparked debate among gun enthusiasts and gun control proponents, politicians in Indiana were drafting a bill following La Pierre’s logic.


Hours before the NRA released their “National School Shield Report,” Indiana’s House Education Committee proposed a measure that would allow school employees-including teachers-to carry guns. If the measure passes, Indiana would be the first state that requires public schools to have armed people within schools during school hours. The bill enables any school employee to carry a firearm after completing a training course; the specifications of the course are yet to be determined. Opponents of the measure are disturbed by its vague wording; the amendment doesn’t offer any specifics regarding the type of firearms employees must hold or whether the weapon can be concealed.


Although Second Amendment defenders like Jim Lucas, the sponsor of the Indiana bill, believe mass shootings can only be prevented by more firearms, many people remain skeptical. According to Lucas, educators have confided in him that they want the right to carry firearms in schools; however, national polls show the opposite to be true. As the nation waits for the lengthy legislative process to run its course and decide the fate of gun control, public schools around the country are turning to armed guards for safety.


Though allowing armed guards to patrol schools is a less severe idea than requiring school employees to carry guns, the idea is still controversial. Parents and faculty alike find the motion to increase police presence as an accident waiting to happen. Nonetheless, public schools are employing guards at an increasing rate.



Some NorCal parents and school officials are satisfied with the measures to hire security guards, citing the background checks and hours of training a guard needs to undergo. Although employing San Jose armed guards isn’t the final step in ensuring school safety; NorCal parents are confident it’s an effective step.


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