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On the morning of December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza , 20, enters the elementary school in Sandy Hook, in Newtown in Connecticut and, before committing suicide, kills 27 people: 20 are children between 6 and 7 years. The smallest is called Noah Pozner, his two sisters studying in a classroom next door and saved. Noah dies soon.


Sandy Hook is one of the school shootings with multiple victims in American history. Yet there are thousands of people who believe that the massacre never happened, that Noah Pozner never existed, that his parents, like those of other children, are actors paid by the US government and the CIA to push for legislation to regulate the ‘use of weapons. Simply a Google search to see the slaughter of Newtown has over the years become one of the favorite targets of the conspiracy. “It was an extreme story, unaccountable, therefore lends itself to manipulation,” says the BBC Lenny Pozner, the father of Noah, with the lucidity of a scholar. Before losing twice his son - the first, at the school in Sandy Hook, the second in the memory of those who believe that it has ever experienced - was of the conspiracy theories fan: “I watched the videos on YouTube with the same spirit in which people read the Da Vinci Code, using the imagination. I understand the attraction of wanting to be a citizen detective, but everything was still in my head, confined to the imagination. Never could I attack others. “That’s what happened to him and his (ex) wife Veronique, who just a few weeks after the death of Noah began to receive threats from truther - this is the technical term for those who think they know the truth of the tragic events of History- who accuse them of being “traitors, people disgusting, sold” (a term that Lenny hates, prefers hoaxer : buffalo creators). There are many, often unexpected. A professor at Florida Atlantic University, James Tracy, was disbarred after asking Lenny Pozner proof that his son really had. Last week a woman of 57 years Florida has been sentenced for having written four messages, all with the same content: “You will die. Death will come to you, this time really.”

Accusations and threats are everyday life for man, a former computer programmer originally from Brooklyn, he had chosen to offer its Newtown school children and quality of life best: “I get at least two a day on my Google page,” he says.


He often moved house in the last four years, leaving the mailbox in a safe place. In 2014 he founded a group, “Conspiracy Theorists Anonymous,” to remove the buffaloes on the web, writing and speaking in public to Sandy Hook. A year later, he joined the counter-attack: “The wall is too high. Those people live in a bubble; they want to believe in their truth. This forces us to one action: fight back. It’s the Wild West. “Pozner writes, responds, complaint. Sometimes using shame as a weapon, “I republish their content, with name and surname. Someone gets angry a lot, others become victims. A few are reported. But the shame is the last option; our main focus is to reduce the content of false information on the internet.”

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